Look at this guy. He looks terrible. 

The hair, always ridiculous, is going to shit. The jowls are sloppily giving up. Skin looks like its been in Russia for every winter since 1978. 

The guy is stuck with kids who are a complete disaster and will probably require pardons before his term is up. A wife who doesn’t love him. A total clusterfuck for a staff. The worst poll numbers. The serious prospect of impeachment. Agenda stuck. 

Five months folks. The presidency is taking its toll at five months. What a mess this guy is. 

Imagine if he had been left the chain restaurant menu (with pictures of the food)  of problems President Obama found when he first showed up for work. A big ass war gone wrong all over the place. Millions of jobs gone. Banking system in free fall. Whole auto industry collapsing. Trillion dollar deficit. Frickin pirates! 

Trump would be in triple bypass surgery by now. Nothing serious has happened and he’s buckling under the pressure already. It shows. 

Something will happen. Then we will see if he has anything left to justify his sticking around. 

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