Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff / Flickr john kelly...
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff / Flickr

Apparently a handful of dirty leaks have sprung up on the White House lately, all concerning John Kelly, and Maggie Halberman of the New York Times says that Kelly’s people believes that Trump is the “Leaker-in-Chief.”

My god.

So, the president does not have something better to do with his time than to leak disparaging information on his own Chief of Damn Staff??

Really? What a joke.

Except this isn’t a joke, this is dead serious, countries around the world are watching and we can’t seem to tie our shoes properly. Moreover, this particular chief of staff is supposed to perform the role of adult in the room, especially in a crises. Yet how can Kelly be counted upon to perform anything at this point? How can you serve a man who is actively cutting you off at the legs behind your back?

Kelly would have been fired last week, when we here called for his resignation, had it appeared that a semi-competent adult could pick-up the job and do it into the future. That’s the other side to this increasingly horrific situation, as bad as Kelly has now proven to be, and as bad as it is to have your boss leaking behind your back, the only thing worse, apparently, it to have Kelly gone at all.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that situations like this are not watched and accounted for around the world. Other nations still have to deal with us, but big companies do not. Companies that move markets with their sheer size could determine that it is best to just base their new operations elsewhere, fearing the direction this nation has taken, preferring to work with people who can, actually, block and tackle. Right now we continue to embarrass ourselves weekly, and it is not the least bit funny. At some point, enough non-reversible mistakes are made, such that it takes a generation to overcome things occurring while this administration continues to bumble around like a drunk.

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