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Medill DC, cropped / Flickr

From The Wall Street Journal:

WASHINGTON—Lawyers for Donald Trump have met several times with Special Counsel Robert Mueller in recent months and submitted memos arguing that the president didn’t obstruct justice by firing former FBI chief James Comey and calling into question Mr. Comey’s reliability as a potential witness, people familiar with the matter said.

One memo submitted to Mr. Mueller by the president’s legal team in June laid out the case that Mr. Trump has the inherent authority under the constitution to hire and fire as he sees fit and therefore didn’t obstruct justice when he fired Mr. Comey as director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in May, these people said.

Another memo submitted the same month outlined why they believe Mr. Comey would make an unsuitable witness, calling him prone to exaggeration, unreliable in congressional testimony and the source of leaks to the news media, these people said.…

An expert on MSNBC just said that a move like this is common for “white collar lawyers” when they know what the likely charges will be against their client. 

Seems kinda desperate to me, but I guess it’s good lawyerin’. I remember Karl Rove’s lawyers engaging in a similar strategy during Plamegate, and of course, that worked out well for him in the end. Hopefully, Trump is in much hotter water.

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