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Apparently we have a president who is too disabled to testify for the Mueller investigation, but can, without issue, lead the world’s largest republic, with the largest most devastating military ever assembled by mankind. That is the new story out which can be found here, stating unequivocally that Trump’s lawyer told him he was “disabled.” How did attorney John Dowd come to the medical conclusion that his client suffered a disability? Well, he put him through a mock interview, of course. How else are people diagnosed with disabilities but in consultation with a lawyer and an interview?

How did we learn this “incredibly hard to believe, except in the Trump Administration, revelation”? Did we learn it from the White House? Nope. We have come to this knowledge through Bob Woodward’s new book, Fear. 

Okay, but here is the real issue. Of course the mother fffffff … is right! If there is one damn thing I am positive about regarding Trump, it is that he is not right in the noodle. Crazier, I don’t think I’m going out on a limb here, and if you doubt me, I have special training. I am a lawyer myself.

Allegations of mental illness in the Trump administration are starting to pile up, given that Trump himself has called his own handpicked attorney general, Jeff Sessions, “mentally retarded.” I am not going to dignify that with any sort of joke here, there are millions of beautiful Down Syndrome people around the world with more love, self-actualization and goodwill than most people in the Trump administration.

You next logical question would be; “Okay, yes, I see that the president could easily be mentally disabled, so WHAT IN THE NAME OF SHEEBA is he doing being president!” And you would have an excellent question that I do not believe anyone can answer. But we know from Woodward’s book that the question has most certainly been asked around the cabinet as they considered “25th Amendment solutions” to the seating of this man in the oval office.

Your other emotion could well be anger, because when the head-shaking jokes subside, we’re left with a very dangerous situation. After all, think about it. The world has been awfully quiet, no real disasters yet, other than Puerto Rico (which can be considered part natural disaster, ,part man made), but we now have yet another monster hurricane off the coast, there could be a terrorist attack at any time, North Korea is led by a terrorist who even without nukes could kill a million in downtown Seoul just 40 miles away, and the always dangerous Middle East. And we’re led by a mentally incapacitated president.



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  1. What does it take to get this lunatic gone? Our country is going straight to hell because these damned repupblicand care about nothing but themselves and their hold of power! Throw them all out of office they don’t deserve to be in office!

  2. Get the whole Republican party out of office incl. Trump the moron. They are so complicit, it is sickening. They are all in it for their own gain. They don’t care about the American people that have elected them to their position. Hopefully in November they will get a rude awakening.


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