In Donald Trump’s last days, he’s doing as much destruction as possible. This is for two reasons: One, if he gets reelected somehow, then he’ll be way ahead on deconstructing the government, which has been his game plan all along or; two, he’ll screw it up good for Joe Biden so that he can be as hamstrung as possible. Either situation works just fine for Trump. To that end, the chief scientist for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Craig McLean, has been fired. New York Times:

 Mr. McLean had sent some of the new political appointees a message that asked them to acknowledge the agency’s scientific integrity policy, which prohibits manipulating research or presenting ideologically driven findings.

The request prompted a sharp response from [Trump appointee] Dr. [Erik] Noble. “Respectfully, by what authority are you sending this to me?” he wrote, according to a person who received a copy of the exchange after it was circulated within NOAA.

Mr. McLean answered that his role as acting chief scientist made him responsible for ensuring that the agency’s rules on scientific integrity were followed.

The following morning, Dr. Noble responded. “You no longer serve as the acting chief scientist for NOAA,” he informed Mr. McLean, adding that a new chief scientist had already been appointed. “Thank you for your service.”

This is along the same lines that Michael Caputo conducted himself when he was a player at HHS. He was a mini tyrant, sending nasty emails to people and creating a reign of terror. This is how these people behave, when enabled by the tyrant in chief. And for his part, the tyrant in chief was livid when he took a sharpie to a weather map and predicted the course of Hurricane Dorian and NOAA contradicted him. Bottom line, Trump is stacking the agency with people who will undercut climate assessment and not question any insane comments he may make on the subject.

“The real issue at play is the National Climate Assessment,” said Judith Curry, a former chairwoman of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology who said she has been in contact with Dr. Maue, the new chief scientist. “That’s what the powers that be are trying to influence.” […]

Ms. Curry and the others said that, if Mr. Trump wins re-election, further changes at NOAA would include removing longtime authors of the climate assessment and adding new ones who challenge the degree to which warming is occurring, the extent to which it is caused by human activities and the danger it poses to human health, national security and the economy.

A biased or diminished climate assessment would have wide-ranging implications.

It could be used in court to bolster the positions of fossil fuel companies being sued for climate damages. It could counter congressional efforts to reduce carbon emissions. And, it ultimately could weaken what is known as the “endangerment finding,” a 2009 scientific finding by the Environmental Protection Agency that said greenhouse gases endanger public health and thus obliged the federal government to regulate carbon dioxide emissions under the Clean Air Act.

Other changes in the works could include shifting NOAA funding to researchers who reject the established scientific consensus on climate change and eliminating the use of certain scientific models that project dire consequences for the planet if countries do little to reduce carbon dioxide pollution.

The article is lengthy and well worth the read. Undermining climate research for political purposes and denying climate change to hob nob with the special interests of the fossil fuel industry, is suicide. We will destroy ourselves as a species. And Donald Trump doesn’t care, because he’s too stupid to understand the concepts involved — or, if he did understand them, then he would cop the same attitude that Caligula did when he suggested sending his horse to the senate, i.e., what a lark it is to burn it all down.

What also may be going on here, and I suspect that it is, is that Trump the Petty is taking revenge wherever he can and he’s instructed his capos to do the same. This could be a very interesting seven days. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and don’t be surprised by anything that happens.



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  1. Trump wouldn’t believe in climate change if Washington, DC was under 10’ of water. There’s no reasoning with his mindset and many others’ either.


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