There is a 12 second clip of total meltdown from his White House presser today, which encapsulates what a petty, pugnacious ugly little man Donald Trump truly is. Jeff Mason, who covers the White House for Reuter’s, asked Trump about why he wouldn’t concede and Trump lashes out at the guy. What’s comical is that Trump demands that the reporter respect the office — when the person who doesn’t respect the office of president is Donald Trump. That’s been the problem since day one.

Here’s another clip which gives more context. Trump was just lying away, per usual, and something pushed his buttons and his fee fees got hurt.

Here’s another clip from this jewel of an occasion, right at the very end. Trump just blithely lies and then keeps doubling down on his lies, even when fact checked on the spot. His harangue of Biden is pathetic — as pathetic as his lashing out at the reporter. These are the last days of Trump and he’s clearly on the ropes.

I wonder what Abraham Lincoln would say now: “You can fool 73 million people all of the time but you can’t fool 80 million the rest of the time, so you lose and you need to learn how to deal with it.” Something like that.


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  1. He doesn’t respect the office of POTUS, or a majority of the citizens of the USA, he’s said it himself to many groups, why should we respect him.
    Can’t wait for him to be gone, can’t wait for him to be over.


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