Trump kicks off United Kingdom trip by insulting mayor of London

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Donald Trump kicked off his How-many-times-will-he-humilate-the-U.S.? trip to the United Kingdom in true Trumpian fashion. By insulting the mayor of London:

Screenshot of Donald Trump tweet

He followed that up by calling Mayor Khan short, so, good start.

In other news, apparently there’s no room for Trump at Buckingham Palace because it’s undergoing “massive renovations.” Much like the USS John McCain? Oh, and for the record, Buckingham Palace has 52 guest rooms.

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3 Comments on "Trump kicks off United Kingdom trip by insulting mayor of London"

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The mayor should punch him square in the face and tell him to get lost.

Robert Burnett
Robert Burnett

The mayor may be short but Trump will never measure up to this real man.

Dick Panico
Dick Panico
So , what’s new ?… Trump is so insecure , he must begin each day insulting someone, in order to make him feel better about himself. …Everybody knows that but Trump . ..Maybe ,it makes him feel better to try to bring .”more honorable people” ,down to his level . ….Thats a long drop even for some “less than honorable “people …. He starts his day pulling People down !!!! And tell us how smart he is . .. And. ..(everybody )..knows better… Because truly SMART PEOPLE , never have to tell most people how smart they are . They… Read more »