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I will be analyzing the reverberations of this all day. But for now, I need to just get this out there. We live in a country now presided over by a man who believes he is above the law.

He fails to mention the many MORE legal scholars that state he does not have an absolute right to pardon himself. He is also speaking of indictments in courts of law, he surely cannot be talking about pardoning himself under an impeachment process.

This statement alone qualifies as grounds for impeachment, he believes he can do what he wants, he can shoot Mueller and pardon himself – which would be a “get out of jail card” for the rest of his life. That is literally what he is saying.

More throughout the day.

The latest, setting up firing Mueller:


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  1. Accepting a presidential pardon is ADMITTING GUILT! Go ahead and pardon yourself Trump, anyone with a functioning brain ( not his supporters or enablers obviously) already KNOWS he is guilty of corruption, collusion, AND obstruction!


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