You know, I’m starting to think that if Trump wants to stop at least some of the bleeding, the first solution may be to keep his big, fat, New York mouth shut until Shinzo Abe leaves town. So far, nothing good has come of it.

Yesterday, I wote an article that chronicled the intentional disrespect of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in referring on several occasions to Trump by his first name only, no title or last name. This could only be seen around the globe as a direct slap, not only at Trump, but at the US as a whole. And now, Trump’s  gaping sewer hole in another media spray has put his prospective Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo in danger.

When Trump announced that Pompeo was his nominee for SoS, nobody saw any problems with his confirmation. Sure, the Democrats would all vote against him, but universal GOP support would put him over the top. But then, a funny thing happened on the way to the forum, or the Kremlin even. It turns out that a couple of Republicans are not in the mike Pompeo fan club.

Suddenly, GOP Senator Rand Paul announced that he was a rock solid “no” on Pompeo, objecting to his “shoot first and ask questions later” mentality, and suddenly Pompeo was at risk of not even clearing the committee. The extent to which Pompeo’s nomination is in peril can be seen by the scrambling to rehabilitate him in the Senate today, including a conference call with GOP Senators. This wasn’t supposed to happen.

But then, Glorious Bleater dives in and shits in the pool. In the press spray last night, Trump couldn’t resist boasting about the “incredible job” Pompeo just did in dealing with the North Korea’s Kim Jong Un in talks leading up to the upcoming US-North Korea summit. No, nio, no. Couldn’t Trump have just babbled on some more about Japanese guys hitting little balls with crooked sticks?

It turns out that there are quite a few Senators, including some Republican Seantors who are not happy with this revelation. Hell, every kid learns that you don’t run out and buy a bike before Grandma’s birthday check gets there in the mail. Several Senators are indicating that having Mike Pompeo tooling around in the Secretary of State jalopy before the Senate gives him the keys, and tells him what time to be home, is bad form.

Between CNN and MSNBC I counted 3 GOP Senators other than Rand Paul who were irked at Pompeo for taking the SoS job out for a test drive, and unhappy with Trump for letting him out of the house. This is where Doug Jones is so critical. In the old 52-48 Senate, Paul’s defection only made it 51-29. Even if they lost another GOP Senator, that made it 50-50, and Pence could cast the tie breaking vote, just like he did for Betsy DeVos. But if Rand Paul hangs tough, it’s already 50-50, one more GOP “no” and pompeo is toast. And don’t forget this. Right now, John McCain is in shaky health. If Paul votes against Pompeo, and McCain is unable to get to the Senate to vote, Pompeo it toast, Pence can’t save him.

I don’t know about Trump, since he lives in a delusional fantasy world, but by now, I think that most of the rest of the GOP is so sick of all of this “winning” that they’re ready to hurl. Just look at all of them heading for the lifeboats before november.



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