You know, today should have shaped up to be a pretty good day for Hair Furor. He was nailing all the important issues, critical to his Presidential well being. He was considering commuting the sentence of fellow justice obstructer and liar Martha Stewart, releasing fellow corrupt politician Rod Blagojevich, and conferring  official blessings to campaign contribution crook Dinesh D’Souza, hoping he would pony up for Trump. But then he had to go and step on his crank again.

Glorious Bleater has baa-baa-baa’d daily since taking office about his incredible business acumen in not fucking up the improving economy Obama bestowed on him. But he just threw that out the window when he signed the order to impose steel and aluminum sanctions on three of our largest trading partners, Mexico, Canada, and the European Union. Mexico and the EU promptly promised swift retaliatory responses. Yep, the global economic food fight is on.

I long ago stopped marveling at the stupidity that the rich seem to have in endless supply, but even I must tip my cap to Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, on his defense of Trump’s latest unforced error. As reported on CNN, Ross bloviated;

“We take the view that without a strong economy, you cannot have strong national security,”

Ummm, excuse me you silly little pampered prune, but isn’t the Incredible Hulk strength of our economy the very thing your bubble headed boss been bragging about since day one? Of course, Ross can be excused for his ignorance. He has never run an actual business, he’s a banker, specializing in scooping up and gutting companies like a financial chop shop, a la Mitt Romney and Carl Icahn. What does he know about supply and demand, and manufacturing supplies and costs?

If you were looking for additional gallons of water to pump into the upcoming blue wave in November, this should do nicely. I wrote a week or so ago that even GOP strategists are starting to see giant flashing red lights in what should be a GOP stronghold. Talking to farmers in America’s heartland, they’re finding that while the farmers lubs dem some Trump, what they don’t lubs is watching their soy beans getting ready to rot in the holds of cargo ships after the Chinese canceled their contracts in retaliation to Trump’s sanctions against them. While they may love Trump’s “Damn the torpedoes, head for those mines” style, they’re agri businessmen first, and Trump is costing them money. And guess what? They’re blaming him for the whole damn thing.

Look, Trump’s whole “economic success story” has been nothing but a shell game, and I think we’re about to discover the pea. Most people just really aren’t feeling the love from their piss ant tax cuts. Gas prices are starting to creep up, and that will continue. Trump played right into OPEC’s hands by pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal. If he tries to reimpose sanctions on Iranian oil, OPEC won’t raise production to cover the demand, they’ll drop production, to increase the demand, as well as prices, in order to reestablish their dominance in the market. And oh yeah, just wait until the sheeple see their healthcare premiums for next year.

Now Trump wants to follow up on that success by driving up prices on things other than oil here at home. If retailers have to pay more for imported materials, guess who’s going to get stuck with the check. And if US manufacturers can no longer sell as much domestic product overseas due to tariffs, that will drop the demand for output. And if they don’t need to make as much stuff, they don’t need as many workers. Prices will likely rise domestically to help companies recoup the shortfall for the foreign markets drying up to them.

But the good news is that the Rosslyn Village Idiot of the Economy isn’t done yet! Trumpelthinskin has been pissing and moaning lately about the trade inequalities of cars too. And considering the fact that The Cheeto Prophet has the nasty habit of rewarding his own stupidity by doubling down on it, you can look for a trade war in the automotive industry shortly, after all, look how well that whole tariff thingy is working out. Besides, last time I checked, even US cars need steel and aluminum too.

Since inauguration day, Trump has been a one trick pony. He hasn’t gotten his wall built. He hasn’t repealed Obamacare. Basically, he and the GOP haven’t done jack shit. So far, his supporters have stayed with him, because somebody else, like immigrants and Muslims have had to bear the brunt. But when Trump’s idiotic trade policies start to hit them in the pcoketbook, and the chickens come home to roost, there will be no Obama or Clinton to save him this time. Kind of hard to blame the Democrats for executive orders and new administration policies. It will be time to pay the piper. And November is when the check comes due.

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  1. Trump will push more and more to drill for oil at our coastal areas, the Arctic Wildlife refuge, and other parks and areas they have no business screwing up. You know those oil companies fight having to clean up a spill or other disaster, they have to be forced by courts to do it. Then those areas and the wildlife are never the same. I live in NC and I don’t want drilling on our beautiful coast, especially just for Trump to put a feather in his cap. it just makes the fat cats fatter and destroys our country’s natural treasures in the process.


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