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This is one of those times where you really need to pinch yourself to see if you’re awake or perhaps do some chemical analysis of the morning’s coffee to see if anything nefarious and mind altering was slipped into it. Donald Trump Jr. is a proponent of gun silencers, saying that it’s “basically a health issue” because it protects hearing, and it reduces recoil, and that will bring “little kids into the game.” He even did an ad.

Just by the by if you missed it, yesterday The New Yorker, ProPublica and public radio station WNYC reported that former Trump White House lawyer Marc Kasowitz donated more than $50,000 to a Manhattan district attorney who later dropped a case against Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. for alleged fraud in the selling of condominiums. This all goes on while Eric is giving Daddy quarterly reports on how his businesses are doing, including ones doing  deals with

foreign governments, despite the president’s pledge that they would stop that sort of thing. The swamp stops here.

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