Trump Jr. goes on Twitter to cry about being an oppressed man—and gets destroyed

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Donald Trump Jr. is probably spending most of his time somewhat unaware that his dad is fully expecting him to be the fall guy for all of the criminal campaign shenanigans special counsel Robert Mueller is weaving together. Junior knows he’s in trouble, but like most rich kids born with a crippling case of affluenza, he assumes daddy will bail him out at some point. And while daddy might bail Junior out, I will guarantee you this: if Bob Mueller told President Trump that sending Junior to jail for 100 lifetimes would save the elder Trump from jail, you can bet Junior would never see the light of day. Anywho! Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand tweeted this positive thought about the future of our country.

Nothing particularly groundbreaking about that. Just last month, American women made history by grabbing political power in ways once thought unimaginable. People of color, LGBT, young and old, all find themselves demanding that their voices be heard. It’s more of a humanist statement of progress than anything particularly “radical.”

Of course, the Trumps are a misogynistic bunch of misanthropes and Trump, Jr. is one of the dimmer bulbs on the tree. Seeing a woman with political power tweet about women having political power probably made Junior want to go to another country to kill an animal with a high-powered rifle; but alas, he needs to stay in town just in case Robert Mueller comes a-calling. He took his sweaty fingers and typed out this emergency call for a Waaaaahhhhhmmmmbbbuullaaaannncceee.

Oh, Lil’ Donnie.

Needless to say, Junior is getting shellacked.

If you want to see a baby-man have his dirty diaper handed to him online, just keep reading.

if i may offer a prediction, this will NOT end well.

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