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BipHoo Company / Flickr

What do you get when you combine the nature of being Trump’s son with the nurture of being Trump’s son? You get Donald Trump Jr. On Wednesday, Junior—having already promoted President Obama’s economic success by mistake—created this little ditty on his Instagram account.

The post says:

You know why you can enjoy a day at the zoo?

Because walls work.

Get it? You need walls to keep out animals, like immigrants coming to this country who aren’t white and German. They’re animals. You know, like colonial-era racist ideology. I can’t wait to see Junior’s future posts about phrenology discoveries.

Junior has since taken down the post because optics, maybe? Considering how openly racist, ignorant, cruel, corrupt, awful, dumb, and petty the members of this administration and their family members are, I really don’t see what public relations they think they are protecting.

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