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Unfortunately, it has become a far too often fact of our daily life, once every 4-6 weeks you turn on the tv, and there are images of fellow citizens spread all over the ground, victims of yet another mass shooting. And in the 3 day, wall-to-wall coverage of the tragedy, it is inevitable, one of the psychologists or profiles yakking away says something like, ‘We will find out that there is a reason. It may not make sense to you or me, but there is always a reason.”

Apply that exact same logic to Trump. Right now, people all over the country are asking themselves, “What the fuck?!? Not a peep about Roy Moore, but he goes off on Al Franken? What a hypocritical asshole!” (Note that numbnuts couldn’t even spell Frankenstein right in his tweet.) The question I’m asking myself is, “Why is anybody surprised, and why would they expect anything different?” Think about what I just said in the last paragraph, just because it doesn’t make any sense to a sane, rational person doesn’t mean it doesn’t make perfect sense to Trump.

And in this case, what He-who-shall-not-be-named is doing is ot only sane to delusional people, it’s linear sane, and actually makes a kind of cynical political sense. Just remember one thing when it comes to sanity. How long did we have lunatics like Charlie Manson and Jim Jones walking among us, appearing to be fully functional, if a wee odd, until that switch flipped, and they went full atrocity mode on us.

First of all, Trump’s attack on Franken fits is persona perfectly. For a guy who so loves to portray himself as a tough, gutsy, New York urban warrior kind of guy, he sure seems to spend an awful lot of time ramming the boot into somebody who’s writhing on the ground. Trump is at heart a gutless coward, and Franken is a soft target. I loved the option opined by a guest on MSNBC last night, that Franken should volunteer to resign from the Senate for his sexual sins, if Trump would resign from the Presidency for his.

But, but, but, but, what about the hypocrisy?!? Well, hey! I never said he wasn’t a hypocrite, did I? And in today’s highly charged, hyper partisan environment, what Trump is doing makes a kind of through-the-looking-glass, but nonetheless logical sense.

Trump can’t hack away at Moore the way the GOP Senators can. Trump is hemorrhaging support nationwide, But his popularity in Alabama is still high, somewhere around 60%. With Alabama Republicans rallying around their local serial assaulter hero, and railing at outside interference in their election, Trump can’t afford to tell Moore to exit the race, but he can’t overtly support him either. But whe can do is to highlight Franken to try to take the media heat off of Moore. He can say “Moore has to step down, but Franken doesn’t?” Forget the fact that Franken apologized while Moore is defiant, and that Franken’s accuser was a grown adult while Moore is accused of being a pedophile, this kind of play-with-Gumby-play-with-Pokey shit still sells to GOP simpletons.

But, what about the media bringing back up Trump’s own sexual assaults? * gasp * What about it? He already defended himself on those charges, and in the worst possible way, remember? He doesn’t stoop to groping “2’s”, he only gropes “10’s.” And besides, to Trump those allegations are all bullshit anyway, the women were all desperate to be felt up by a YUGE celebrity pervert like him, and he doesn’t even have to answer those questions anymore, that’s what he has Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the ultimate kid-with-crumbs-on-her-shirt-that-didn’t-eat-the-cookie shill to answer those questions for him

And one more thing. Trump’s vaunted tax bill is already in trouble. It’s basking in the glow of 25% popularity with the voters, and that is only going to get worse as more facets of the plan are explained in English, and not in PhD trigonometry. If Trump can provide media air cover to keep that piece of shit bill out of the headlines and nightly news, he’ll gladly take the hit. Trailing 3-0 on the scoreboard at this point, he’s willing to bunt to get to first base.

So, while the Orange Comb over Orangutan may be the most corrupt, incompetent, unfit for office person ever to settle his fluffy ass into the Oval Office chair, he’s something else as well. He’s aompulsive narcissist, completely obsesses with h is own self interest and personal gain. And when you look at things like this through that prism, “how can he think that this will benefit him”, it tends to make more sense.

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