A lot of the heavy lifting in this campaign is being done by the Lincoln Project, Republicans For the Rule Of Law and Republican Voters against Trump, all groups who are Republicans savaging Trump — as well he deserves.  RVAT’s latest contribution is an ad targeted at waking up the evangelicals, and it is about time. It is past time, actually. Graham, Falwell, Jeffress and the lot of them will flip when they see this.

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  1. We New Yorkers knew who he was a long time ago, just a publicity whore. I guess the midwest bought the whole Apprentice schtick. Sad.

  2. So many people claiming to be Christians these days get their faith from a clown at a pulpit or a TV. The fact that they’ve never cracked a Bible or bothered to understand its contents leaves them subject to following false prophets and are left more unfit for heaven than their leaders… hmmm sounds like a Bible verse?

    • That’s absolutely true ! Most people who say they believe in the Bible, have never (comprehensively ), read the Bible !

    • I’m not a Christian but I know a shyster when I see one. Can’t believe it’s taken so long for these so-called Christian evangelicals to realize they’re being used.

  3. Trump’s , made fools of the evangelical groups
    that believed his lies. They’re certainly (partly their fault),
    he’s acting as President, because they were willing to overlook his “criminal behavior” for most of his life .
    They gave him “mulligan’s “ , (if you will ), at the request of a phony religious leader.
    He’s been hiding for 3 years now , but expect him to raise his lying head soon and ask for forgiveness for his advice for Trump’s behavior. How can you prey to GOD
    when you’ve helped put this morbid lier into office ?
    And promoting the destruction of the greatest
    democracy that has ever been in recorded history?
    The man doesn’t know (what to hell ), he’s raving about .
    Saying the virus will just go away ? He’s full of crap .

  4. I worked at a construction company many years ago where the owner told me it was okay that he ripped people off by overcharging and cutting corners because he went to church on Sunday where God would forgive him for his sins. It’s been many years since I’ve read the Bible, but I don’t remember that part?
    It’s the mindset of many of these folks.


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