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WaPo’s Phil Rucker writes that Individual-1 is playing a victim card as the retreat to the bunker continues. Shouldn’t we feel sorry for rich elites, because it must be some sort of … conspiracy.

“This shared sense of persecution is one reason so many Republican officeholders and conservative media personalities are defending the president — at least for now — against allegations that he abused the power of his office for personal political gain.”

In the five days since House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) opened an impeachment inquiry following revelations about Trump’s conduct with his Ukrainian counterpart, Trump has been determined to cast himself as a singular victim in a warped reality — a portrayal that seems part political survival strategy, part virtual therapy session.

As Trump tells it, he is a hard-working and honorable president whose conduct has been “perfect” but who is being harassed and tormented by “Do Nothing Democrat Savages” and a corrupt intelligence community resolved to perpetuate a hoax, defraud the public and, ultimately, undo the 2016 election.


Victimization always has been core to Trump’s identity, both as a politician and as a real estate promoter and reality-television star. It is the emotional glue that yokes Trump to the grievance politics of the right. Many of Trump’s grassroots followers have said they feel protective of the president in part because they, too, feel oppressed and ostracized by elites.

[Trump writes the GOP impeachment playbook: Scorched earth. But will it work?]

As Congress considers impeaching him over his request that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky investigates 2020 Democratic candidate Joe Biden and his family as well as an unsubstantiated theory that Ukrainians worked with Democrats to interfere in the 2016 election, Trump is claiming a broad conspiracy to erase history. He has sought to stitch together his existing narrative about the Russia investigation with the emerging probe of his Ukraine episode into a seamless “deep state” storyline — in part by trying to discredit an urgent complaint about his conduct with Zelensky from an intelligence community whistleblower.…

So much whining

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  1. Wha wha cry ???? me a river, poor widdle Donnie poo, you brought it all on yourself, suck it up butterbutt ,better strap in cause the vortex is spinning and getting tighter

  2. Yeah I love their explanation on right wing republicans and how they feel victimized by the elites. That’s why they support trump and others. Well who do these morons think runs the Republican Party the dam elites you freakin morons. So you are supporting who you feel is victimizing you. That probably makes you the dumbest people on the planet. You deserve what you get.


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