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Imagine this guy wearing a dirty Mountain Dew T-shirt and cutoff jean shorts saying shit like this. In the bathroom stall of an Arby’s. Doesn’t that make a lot more sense than the actual president of the United States saying it?

TRUMP: “You know, we’re the party of Abraham Lincoln. A lot of people don’t know that. The great Abraham Lincoln, a man that I’ve always competed against. I said, I can be more presidential than any president ever, except for the possible exception of Abraham Lincoln when he’s wearing the hat.”

1) Practically everyone with a half-decent education knows Abraham Lincoln was a Republican. Trump keeps saying this because he didn’t know it until a few years ago, and he thinks it makes him look smart to highlight this “obscure” piece of trivia.

2) You are kookaburra-sits-on-the-old-gum-tree there, jiggle drawers. What the f? You’ve competed against Abraham Lincoln? Maybe you should set your sights a bit lower, Chunky Toupe. Perhaps you can still escape the universal scorn directed at dudes like James Buchanan and Andrew Johnson. But, honestly, it’s probably way too late for that.

Ugh, let this Kafkaesque nightmare end.

Boost Joe! And give him a Dem Congress!


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  1. I’ve been in medicine for over 40 years in infection control and my theory is tRUMP, WITH A SMALL t because he hasn’t earned a CAPITAL T during his 3.7 years in office. I don’t believe trump had Covid, because his treatment was too fast and too short. I truly believe that this was staged so the WH & trump could try to sell America on having safe rallies because he isn’t contagious anymore. HIS SELFISHNESS WILL KILLL 1000s of more lives.

  2. Why would Trump compete with Lincoln? To be greater than he was? Sorry Trump, you never even got out of the gate or on that track. What he should have been doing was trying to improve on Lincoln’s legacy, but he is nowhere near that. You can’t hold a candle to him and don’t have the intellect to compete or improve on what Lincoln began. He was a true genius, but even Lincoln sorta blundered into Emancipation as a tool to preserve the Union. He wanted the Union to be maintained at any cost, and it was a great cost; although, we are better for it. Trump sounds like someone who wants to go back to pre Civil War in the actions he takes and the statements he makes.


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