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You know, it’s a funny thing. If you go out golfing with the boss, and then you not only beat the boss by 7 strokes, but you tell everybody inthe office about it the next day, it’s not much of a surprise when you start getting every shit assignment that rolls into the office.

It’s no secret that Donald Trump hates the US Judicial system, especially the judges. But it’s turning out that federal judges are showing the same fondness for our Toddler in Chief as people do when discovering roaches in their kitchen sink. It’s little wonder. Trump personally disparaged the judge hearing his Trump University case for the unforgivable crime of being born in Indiana while being of Hispanic origin. He slammed the district court judges in multiple states that put his discriminatory Muslim travel ban on hold, and laid the blame for any future terrorist attacks in the US solely at their feet. Basically, he publicly told everybody in the US office what a terrible golfer the US court system was.

Little wonder Trump is pretty much batting an o-fer in the federal courts. They blocked his travel ban. Even the US Supreme Court didn’t give him a victory, they did nothing more than lift the stay on it, allowing it to go into effect while the case was under them, they did not rule in his favor. They have stayed his Executive Order banning transgender individuals from serving in the military. And now, His Lowness the Duffer has another nice green, grassy divot to hang up on his litigation trophy wall.

On Friday, a federal court judge in Pennsylvania blocked Trump’s Executive “Religious Freedom” Executive Order allowing pretty much anybody who likes to call themselves “boss” from changing or eliminating or changing contraceptive coverage for employees solely because it takes a rusty nail to the nice shiny paint job on their religious jalopy.

The court wasn’t just acting out of spite for His Lowness, it turns out that there were like, actual legal reasons and stuff. To quote the ruling as reported in Politico;

“The Commonwealth’s concern is absent available cost-effective contraception, women will either forgo contraception entirely or choose cheaper but less effective methods — individual choices which will result in an increase in unintended pregnancies,” Beetlestone wrote in her 44-page opinion. “That in turn will inflict economic harm on the Commonwealth because unintended pregnancies are more likely to impose additional costs on Pennsylvania’s state-funded health programs.”

Get that President Evil? Turns out that you can’t legally stick an individual state with the increased medical costs of unintended children just because your phony, hypocritical bible thumping donors feel that the concept of contraception dents their religious dignity.

Judges tend to have egos almost as large as Trump’s. They kind of like their elevated position as the arbiter of all things fair and just, and they don’t appreciate some loudmouthed cretin thworing shine on them. But they have something that The Inglorious Basterd doesn’t have. Responsibility, dignity, and integrity. There is a reason why they are ruling at an almost 100% clip against Trump. It ain’t because of personal or professional animus, it’s because his initial outputs are constitutionally flawed.

That’s certainly the case with this one, and it’s guaranteed to lose its way all the way up the judicial food chain. It turns out that the contraception rule is codified in law, it’s in the Affordable care Act, you know, Obamacare? The ACA was passed by both chambers and signed by then President Obama, it’s the law of the land. If Trump doesn’t like the contraception clause, he doesn’t have the right or power to autocratically say, “Screw that, here’s how I think the law should read, so that’s how it is.” He has to go back and ask congress to change the law, and we all know how much  the Tangering Tantrum likes asking for stuff.

So, keep plugging ahead Sparky, you’re damn n ear batting 1.000 out there in the judicial ballgame. But soldier on, remember, even a stopped clock is right twice a day, although for you it seems like time has stood still. But I will give you one piece of advice. This is what you get when your “only the best” lawyers have reputations mainly made by sliding their business cards under windshield wipers at mall parking lots.Keep it up, you’re killing them out there.

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