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Whether it’s the Constitution, the economy, or foreign policy, Trump’s ignorance knows no bounds. And he’ll be at the golf course soon enough.

One former senior White House official told the Post Trump has fears about going.

“He’s never been interested in going,” the unidentified official said. “He’s afraid of those situations. He’s afraid people want to kill him.”

“If we discount the martians, there is no one else who can attack Norway apart from Russia,” says Aleksandr Golts, a Russian military analyst who observed the NATO exercise, which ended earlier this month. “The scenario and the sheer number of troops involved in both this and similar Russian exercises show that we are back to the Cold War-time military confrontation.”


Since Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine and annexed Crimea, the prospect of war has become more real, says Professor Katarzyna Zysk, director of research at the Norwegian Institute for Defense Studies (NIDS). “Before, it was completely unthinkable,” Zysk says. But the continuing conflict in eastern Ukraine, Putin’s support of the Assad regime in Syria, threats faced by NATO members in the Baltics and his broader nuclear saber-rattling are making the unthinkable slightly more plausible.


…NATO’s combined military might far exceeds that of Russia—though from a regional standpoint, the opposite is true—especially in the Nordic countries and near the Baltics, where Russian forces are more concentrated. In fact, a 2016 RAND report predicts Russian troops could reach two of the Baltic capitals in about 60 hours, leaving NATO with some very unpalatable options.…

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