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Most people learn their lesson, after getting burned once or twice.  Other people never learn.  Donald Trump is one of those “other” people.

Trump lashed out at Whitaker after explosive Cohen revelations

by Laura Jarrett and Pamela Brown, CNN — Dec 21, 2018

Trump was frustrated, the sources said, that prosecutors Matt Whitaker oversees filed charges that made Trump look bad. None of the sources suggested that the President directed Whitaker to stop the investigation, but rather lashed out at what he felt was an unfair situation.
The first known instance took place when Trump made his displeasure clear to acting attorney general Matt Whitaker after Cohen pleaded guilty November 29 to lying to Congress about a proposed Trump Tower project in Moscow. Whitaker had only been on the job a few weeks following Trump’s firing of Jeff Sessions.
Over a week later, Trump again voiced his anger at Whitaker after prosecutors in Manhattan officially implicated the President in a hush-money scheme to buy the silence of women around the 2016 campaign — something Trump fiercely maintains isn’t an illegal campaign contribution. Pointing to articles he said supported his position, Trump pressed Whitaker on why more wasn’t being done to control prosecutors in New York who brought the charges in the first place, suggesting they were going rogue.

How many ways can this go wrong?

Let’s us count the ways.

1)  Trump looks more guilty.

2)  Whitaker looks mobbed-up taking orders from Trump.

3)  The New Congress will indict Whitaker on Ethics violations (or Obstruction).

4)  Trump once again Obstructs Justice — now on this ‘Campaign Finance Violations Thing’.

5)  Trump makes Cohen’s testimony look all the more credible, by trying to shut him up behind the scenes.

6)  Trump knows that the Trump Moscow Project story, needs to stay below the surface. Because that signed Letter of Intent is not helping his case.

7)  Trump suspects Cohen has a Tape on the Putin bribe for the Top Floor of Trump Tower Moscow too.  So Trump desperately wants to bury this story.

All before he loses his base.  Oh too bad.  The base is bailing, because Mattis is bailing.  Oops.  How in the world is Puppet Whitaker going to put a gag on Mattis, and reverse that damage?

Trump can’t even obstruct justice right.

What is a disillusioned base, and tag-along supporters, ever supposed to do?  This mob boss can’t even pull off his DOJ Caper correctly, what with Rudy Giuliani giving away the game at every turn.

Any other ways this back-channel pressuring of the un-recused Whitaker can go wrong?

What say you?

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  1. I think Democrats have been historically dumb in terms of how they have let themselves be unfairly characterized, so it will be interesting to see what they do with all the obvious crimes being perpetrated by Trump and his minions. If they don’t make him pay for all the obvious misdeeds, we really need to start thinking of an alternative 3rd party.


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