After the Republican-controlled Senate proved there is more support for the Democratic plan to open the government by opening the government than for Trump’s plan to extort money for his ludicrous Medieval vanity project wall, Trump is reported to be amenable to his latest pretend compromise: He’ll reopen the government for three weeks in exchange for a down payment on his wall.

No! F*ck no!

Trump is getting his ass kicked. The polls show the public strongly opposes his extortion, his already low approval ratings are dropping even farther, and more people support Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s position than his. When does the public ever support a Speaker over a president?

This latest pretend compromise would reward Trump with some of the money he’s been trying to extort and allow him his precious State of the Union speech for a mere three week breather, after which he just shuts down the government again, knowing that extortion works.

No! F*ck no!

The Democrats’ offer should be this: Reopen the government. Period. No rewards for toxic behavior. No normalizing of extremism. Just reopen the government. Period.

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