Trump Is Finished Any Way You Look At It. He Can Color the Campaign Gone


October has always been characterized as the dark angel of the months, the time when summer cedes to brisk winds and falling leaves; and the grim reaper of winter stands just down the road. October is metaphor no longer in Trump world. It is now officially the date when reality served notice on the child in chief and blew up his circus of pretense with a positive COVID-19 diagnosis. Donald Trump can now forget about his posturing, his denials and his lies, because he couldn’t con the virus. COVID-19 is smarter and stronger than Trump — what isn’t?  And COVID-19 is going to take Trump down — to some extent literally, but in absolute terms politically.

As we speak, rumors of a constitutional crisis — ho hum, another one — are brewing. Mike and Karen Pence have signed off as coronavirus negative, so some meager semblance of stability remains. And thank God Joe Biden has tested negative, after being on the same stage with the superspreading idiot on Tuesday night. But reading between the lines, this administration has now moved to life support and the campaign is on its death bed. The idea of Trump doing a national address was floated “to demonstrate that he was functioning and that the government is uninterrupted.”

Mark Meadows went on TV this morning saying how Trump is doing just fine, and then Larry Kudlow chimed in with his fantasy contribution for the day. “I have been told second-hand his situation is light on the virus. He’s a strong man, you know that. He’s a very strong man.”

Oh, he’s a titan. He’s Gigantor. He’s 74 years old and obese, with a terrible diet and he doesn’t exercise — and he’s got issues with cholesterol and takes medication for it. And God alone knows what other uppers and downers he’s taking, we speculate on that constantly. But all in all, Trump’s pre-existing conditions and coronavirus do not a good match make.

And no one could tell this idiot, or his idiot family. They would not listen or cooperate. Chris Wallace went on record that the Trump family was offered masks at the debate and they refused to wear them. Looking good is all that matters to this clan. They don’t want to smear their makeup. They’re too stupid to know that saving face isn’t as important as saving your ass and now Trump’s ass is in a sling. And he put it there. New York Times:

“Trump is now in the position of becoming exhibit No. 1 for the failure of his leadership on coronavirus, and he runs the risk that his supporters will feel misled by his dismissiveness of the virus and the need for precautions,” said Geoff Garin, a Democratic pollster. […]

No modern president has publicly endured a health crisis this close to a re-election attempt. Ronald Reagan was shot and convalesced in 1981, just over two months after he was first sworn in. And Dwight D. Eisenhower suffered a heart attack while in office, but it was more than a year before he faced the voters for a second time.

Donnie the runner, Donnie the serial bankruptcy filer did a Kabuki dance with COVID-19, daring it to do something, because he never thought it was real. That is how profoundly stupid he is. And now he joins the ranks of the seven million Americans diagnosed with the virus. The Bulwark:

Donald Trump didn’t care one particulate about the 200,000+ Americans we have lost to the virus. He never gave 99.9 percent of them a second thought.  It didn’t matter to him whether any of them lived or died.

All he cared about was whether in the face of the pandemic he could make himself look good. Such callous disregard meant that if people died but the stock market was going up and college kids were still playing football and the pictures of him at superspreader rallies made him seem strong then that was just fine with him.

Until October 1, Donald Trump thought he could beat the virus with bullshit just like he’d always done. Pull another one over on the marks.

Well now he has been made to care.

And to be honest, I’m not sure exactly what happens from here.

I guess I know one thing. I know that he will spend a lot of time in quarantine watching cable news and live-tweeting—so in that sense his “management” of this virus won’t be much different than it was before.

But beyond that we are in uncharted territory.

It’s safe to say that at this point you can color the campaign gone.

It’s almost certain that the remaining two debates between Mr. Trump and Mr. Biden will be canceled or drastically changed. The next one is scheduled for less than two weeks from now, on Oct. 15, and medical guidance would most likely keep the president isolated until then.

And after having gone forward with the rallies he craves, despite rules against large gatherings in many states, Mr. Trump will not be able to leave Washington during a final, crucial stretch of the campaign.

Trump is literally house bound now. He can’t go out and continue his superspreader tour, and that is a blessing.

There is no joy in Trump world right now. The MAGAts are faced with the unthinkable reality that their leader has been felled by the Democratic hoax. His cavalier attitude towards mask wearing has resulted in him getting sick — and around kitchen tables this morning, somber faces ponder just how close to home the chickens might come to roost because they listened to the fool. Regrets about attending rallies are forming along with gooseflesh and rapid heartbeat as reality sinks in. Gone overnight are the cries about constitutional rights and civil liberties being abused by the necessity of wearing a mask in public. Mighty Trumpy is closer to Mighty Mouse than Casey at the bat. But in all events, he has struck out. It will be curious to watch the whimpering final scenes of this shit show before it goes off the air altogether.

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Donna McGuire
Donna McGuire

over 2000’00 dead Americans and you expect us to care about the beast who refused to help us _I don’t care do u-let the fat windbag get what he has earned


I honestly don’t believe he has it… I feel like this is a HUGE distraction from his disaster of a debate ,a way to keep him quiet for a bit and in two weeks he will emerge claiming “victory” over the “weak” virus.


I don’t know what to believe anymore coming from his administration. They all lie, duck, bob and weave from the truth.
It’ll be nice not hearing him rant and rave throwing tantrum after tantrum for a little while. So nice and quiet.
Enjoy it while it lasts. I know I am.


DONE is the only way I can look at this. Stick a fork in me. There’s just simply is not even one drop of blood left in this old shriveled up turnip.