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Everyday the Trump administration does something to lower the prestige of the United States in the eyes of the world. It’s well known among the other peoples of the earth that Trump has not the remotest grasp of foreign policy nor diplomacy. His actions have been merely to unravel whatever Barack Obama put in place, believing that somehow defaults to “good” for “his people” whomever they may be, because with each passing day it’s made clear that normal Americans are not.  “The U.S. president could be striving to stifle the Shi’ite Crescent that’s forming in the region, but all he wants to do is erase Obama’s landmark foreign policy,” begins an article by Israeli paper Haaretz addressing hostilities in Iraq this week:

It would have been natural for the Trump administration to discreetly advise the government in Baghdad to sit down with the Kurds and keep the Iraqi army away from Iraqi Kurdistan. Instead, Washington has merely issued bland statements calling on the sides to negotiate – without an exercise of power on the ground or behind the scenes. Once again, a pro-Western ally of America in the region has been betrayed and Iran has been allowed to gain the upper hand.

But while there is ample proof of U.S.-supplied tanks and other armored vehicles being commandeered by these proxies, there is no sign of the administration clamping down. Both in Lebanon and Iraq there are major elements in the local Shi’ite leaderships that resent Iran’s iron-handed remote control; the United States could do a lot more to engage with them. […]

None of this, however, seems to be happening. Which begs the question, where is Trump’s much-vaunted anti-Iran strategy that we’ve been hearing about for so long?

If you want to understand Trump’s real position on Iran, all you have to do is compare it to his policy on health care. Wait, he doesn’t actually have one, besides getting rid of Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act and replacing it with whatever half-baked incoherent bill he can somehow push through Congress. As long as he gets rid of Obamacare.

Trump couldn’t care less about Iran; he probably can’t even locate it on a map, but just like he wants to erase all memory of his predecessor’s major domestic legacy, he wants to erase Obama’s landmark foreign policy.

Trump is the un-president. He has no policies, domestic nor foreign. All he wants to do is unravel whatever Obama did, just because. There doesn’t seem to be any rationale more profound than that.

In the meantime, as the days go by, the esteem of America continues to dwindle in the eyes of the world. Take a look at the bald eagle, he’s probably sporting two black eyes these days. That’s the state of our nation, at home and most especially abroad.

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