Arlington National Cemetery, detail / Flickr trump standing...
Arlington National Cemetery, detail / Flickr

Hmm. Why oh why would Donald Trump decide after 48 hours of silence to finally condemn the “evil” racism that resulted in the death of a female civil rights protester in Charlottesville, Virginia?

Chart showing Trump

Because his approval rating is tanking as his disapproval rating soars. On Monday, Trump hit 61 percent disapproval—the highest of his presidency thus far. How does that compare to presidents past? Carter never hit it. Reagan never hit it. George H.W. Bush never hit it. Clinton never hit it. Barack Obama never hit it.

George W. Bush hit it but only after around 1,920 days in office. Trump did it in just 207 days!

Gallup’s finding comes on the heels of a CNN poll last week that also showed Trump’s approval steadily eroding over the first six months of his presidency.

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