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Whatever else you might say about the lower-level members of Team Garbage Fire, there has been no dearth of leaks about what Donald Trump is like to work with. From anonymous sources we know Trump’s briefers try to include as many mentions of his own name as they can in his daily materials, so that Donald doesn’t get bored with what he’s reading. We know he has the eating habits of a pre-teen. We know he watches television incessantly, and is forever stewing about how he is portrayed in any given article.

And we also know he lies about all of those things and more, because that is what he does. The most hilarious example has to be his golf outings, in which Donald Trump shuffles off to one of his golf courses, with his clubs, wearing golf gloves, for a period of time that ranges between the time it takes to play nine holes of golf, eighteen holes, or eighteen holes plus one meal—and the White House steadfastly refuses to say whether he’s gone a’golfing.

He also says he doesn’t have time for television. And we know that ain’t true, because there is now an entire side-beat in journalism consisting of watching Trump’s tweets and noting how closely they match up to what’s been on Fox News in the last few segments.

That’s the thing: Trump’s tweets give the game away. He has tweeted about [Fox & Friends] 88 times as president, including retweets of its account. […]

On 108 of the 313 days Trump has been president, he has tweeted directly about what he’s watching on Fox, tweeted about subjects that had just aired on Fox, tweeted about an interview on Fox involving himself or an ally or has retweeted “Fox and Friends” or Sean Hannity in a way that suggests he’s watching those shows.

So he tweets about what he sees on his idiot box about once every three days. That’s not how often he watches television, but how often Donald Trump is watching television and sees some stupid news segment, usually Fox & Friends or Sean Hannity Screams At Invisible Spiders Only He Can See, and is so agitated by what he sees that he feels compelled, as sitting pretzeldent, to share it with the country.

And yet he still insists that oh, no, he certainly doesn’t watch much television these days. Because that is what he does. The man lies about everything, and it’s likely that not even he knows why he does it.

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