Trump has shot America on 5th Avenue and Republicans allowed it.

CBC News / YouTube Trump says memo on Russia probe...
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Why in the world did we work our butts off to elect Democratic legislators only to be told to shut up…sit down…NO!  We have been lied to and put members of congress’s lives in danger?  WHY?

We have people rounded up, deported, children separated, liars lying every day and America upside down and being run by God knows who?  The coverup is beyond belief.  People who tell truths get threatened?  What the hell is happening and what comes next?

We now have a dictatorship.  Trump is above the law.   He isn’t crazy.   He has obstructed, lied, been immoral, authoritarian and in plain sight.

Every legislator should stay in or return back to Washington as we are paying them to run this country and if we have not completely been taken over by either the Mob or Russia or both, then we sure appear like it.  We are on the edge of a fall of America and where is Mueller?

As the wife of a veteran and daughter of a veteran, I do not know why they suffered for a constitution that has clearly been put through the shredder under this man and party.

How do we even know without Mueller or the investigators that we even have the REAL report today?  We don’t.

This is bad.   This has to be more than one man.

What in the world???????

Have we fallen?

Democrats and lovers of the constitution cannot allow Barr and the Justice Dept. get away with this stomping.   Our leaders are acting as though we are serving under a King or Dictator.   Writing letters to power wrongdoers are being thrown away.  Not answering questions is their norm.  The Mob or whatever they are snub their noses at the thought of our elected officials trying to hold them accountable.  Our party is acting like these are regular political times… They are not to be honest being given any more consideration at the capitol than any one of us.  They too are being treated like peasants.

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Michael owens
Michael owens

America needs to grow a pair!!, or perish..


In light of what has just happened with the Mueller Report both Barr and “RUMP” need to be put behind bars. We don’t need people like that to run the government.