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I am sitting here reading this garbage that our supposed president has going on in his overgrown locker room gaffes. He stands there and like some childish little cretin incites people to commit crimes. And this clown just declared it was National Character Week. I guess he means everyone else? The punk goes to a rally in Michigan to knowingly try to incite unrest and physical harm on government officials. Oh, I know his twit daughter-in-law says he’s just having fun. Well, getting someone to kidnap and threaten to murder a government official is not what I would consider fun.

At the outset, it is childish and just not what a man does. But I guess a punk like him wouldn’t know that. That’s what you get with these rich wannabes. They have no idea how to act in the real world. They have always had their daddy to wipe their ass and send them back out with appropriate bodyguards. Yes, they need bodyguards to keep real men from stomping them into next week. They have no idea from right or wrong. They just run their mouths to get a rush from the crowd cheering them on. And the crowd doesn’t realize that this “cherry” couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag. They just hire these matters done.

And what he’s chortling about isn’t even an issue. He’s saying they need to open the government up. It’s been open for months. It’s Trump’s own shortcomings that are keeping things messed up. He hasn’t got a clue as to what to do. Look at the whole Republican agenda. Well, actually you can’t. The only thing they have is they want to end Obamacare. That’s it! That’s their whole 2020 agenda. And that’s better than Trump. He can’t even concentrate on that. All he’s got is to go out and incite violence against his opponents. You do something Trump doesn’t like and you are the bait at the next slugfest of a Trump pipsqueak rally.

Oh, he will have them chanting and doing the trump roid grind. Oh yes, we have a Trump dance step that looks like a baboon trying for treats. This is domestic terrorism. For three years we heard about MS 13 or whatever he hell they go by. Oh, Trump was going to save us. And now he’s inciting far worse crimes. He’s a sitting president. He should act like it but that’s too much for his little pea-sized brain. You just don’t treat women that way and call yourself a man. He’s a cowardly little boy.

Then you have Joe Biden who roughly said that we have a right to have safe streets in America. He went on to condemn President Trump for inciting these clowns to plot to blow up a bridge, kill law enforcement officers and kidnap a governor. That’s the kind of activity you get from Isis. That’s not what we deserve in America. He asked what was wrong with this clown when Joe asked him to condemn the Proud Boys. He wouldn’t!  Instead, he told them to stand down and stand back. Those are words that should never come out of a president’s mouth. But to Trump, it’s just another day at the office. How long are we going to put up with this clown?

And something else we need to remind ourselves of – Trump held two rallies in Minnesota in September. And health officials have traced 23 cases of Covid back to them. Now they are sure there are more but people won’t admit they were at a rally without a mask. I guess it’s alright to run around not wearing a mask. But it’s not alright to tell your doctor. And health officials have seen increased activity in their areas does bring increased Covid cases. These people are like little kids. You yell at a kid for something and they will listen. But adults think like Trump and are somehow immune. They are more immature than most children.

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  1. He start campaigning at his inauguration and has done nothing else since. I appears he hasnt spent many hours doing presidential work. He just signs what his apostles put before him. I laugh every.time he holds up some ing he has signed with his marker. Look Mom I can sign my name. That appears to be about all he can write. Sad lonely pathetic man child.

    • So true. I heard a lot of Republicans I know whine that it’s all Obama does is campaign while he was president when I bring up the subject about all tRump does is campaign they say it’s alright, the president can do whatever he wants. That’s the rights mindset, just like the deficit, big deal when a Democrat is in the White House, not important when a repub is in the Peoples House.

  2. WAIT A MINUTE! WHAT “manhood”? He’s a wimpy, draft-dodging, hedonistic, self-absorbed TODDLER who trashes the toy store ’til he gets what he wants. Trump makes clueless Herbert Hoover and Super-Racist Woodrow Wilson look like gentlemen and statesmen. He’s a wretched, knuckle-dragging, proto-humanoid who destroys everything he touches, and disgusts everyone he ropes in.

  3. “Well, getting someone to kidnap and threaten to murder a government official is not what I would consider fun.”

    It’s only fun by a sTrumpet (e.g. the Donald or his children – excluding his younger daughter) who have nothing better to do than scratch their nuts (or, in Ivanka’s case her p____y).

  4. Can we get Lara Trumps street address, diary schedule ?.. you know, just for fun..not fun anymore is it Lara ffs. She needs to apologise for normalising extreme violence to a sitting governor.

  5. I disagree with “more immature than kids”. How about complete ignorant disgusting vile filthy sorry excuses for human beings.


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