One day after inciting an armed insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, guess who feels victimized? Well, of course—Donald Trump! Sure, some people died, law enforcement officials were injured, federal property was destroyed, lawmakers huddled in gas masks on the floors of the congressional chambers, journalists feared for their lives, and the United States of America suffered its biggest international embarrassment since the day of its founding nearly 250 years ago—all at Trump’s direction.

But safely tucked inside the White House residence, sipping on Diet Cokes and consuming TV coverage of the melee he had whipped up, Trump seethed as he learned some White House aides weighed resigning, according to The Washington Post. Because that’s just what a petty garbage human being Trump is.

By Thursday morning, only a handful of less consequential players had followed through with resigning: Ryan Tully, senior director for European and Russian Affairs for the White House National Security Council; two of First Lady Melania Trump’s top aides, Chief of Staff Stephanie Grisham and White House Social Secretary Anna Cristina Niceta; Deputy White House Press Secretary Sarah Matthews; and yes, Mick “Get Over It” Mulvaney, formerly part of Trump’s Cabinet but most recently the U.S. special envoy to Northern Ireland.

“I can’t do it. I can’t stay,” Mulvaney told CNBC. And get this: Mulvaney added Trump is “not the same as he was eight months ago.” Ya know, eight months ago, back when Trump was perfectly sane and reasonable. I mean, let’s be real, no one could have seen this coming from a man who spent four years pandering to dictators and had to be talked down from unleashing U.S. troops on peaceful civilian protesters. Apparently, Trump’s the neighborhood guy who lined his property with security cameras, got strange deliveries for years, and loved to talk explosives on the few occasions he could be engaged in neighborly conversation, but Mulvaney always thought he seemed like a perfectly nice IED enthusiast and never saw it coming.

Other members of Trump’s national security aides, including National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien and Deputy National Security Adviser Matthew Pottinger, are reportedly considering fleeing the scene too. There’s also been informal talk of removing Trump by invoking the 25th Amendment, but after four successive years of people close to Trump failing to protect the nation from him, I’m not holding my breath on anyone moving to actually remove him from office—an action that should have been triggered multiple times throughout his presidency.

Trump tried to stem the bleeding Thursday morning with yet another half-hearted statement in which he reiterated his conspiracy theories before feigning his commitment to peacefully transferring power:

“Even though I totally disagree with the outcome of the election, and the facts bear me out, nevertheless there will be an orderly transition on January 20th. I have always said we would continue our fight to ensure that only legal votes were counted. While this represents the end of the greatest first term in presidential history, it’s only the beginning of our fight to Make America Great Again.”

In Trump’s view, nothing was greater than watching a bunch of armed conspiracy-laden loyalists storm of the U.S. Capitol he has sworn to protect and threaten to drag to everyone, including his own vice president, out to the gallows to hang them for the fantasy treason they have supposedly committed.

In fact, Trump repeatedly declined to condemn the throng of terrorists, insisting that “the vast majority of them are peaceful.” Trump even refused to call into one of his once favorite news outlets, Fox News. One White House official told the Post, “He was a total monster today,” adding, “He’s so driven by this notion that he’s been treated unfairly that he can’t see the bigger picture.”

As ever, loser Trump can’t handle the truth, so he’s become the victim of his imaginary story line while, back in reality, everyone else pays the price.

Every damn one of those White House aides should resign. And if they’re too worried about what Trump would do in their absence to do so, then by God get in front of a microphone and come out publicly in favor of invoking the 25th Amendment in order to force the issue.

Trump didn’t just spend one singular day as a monster—he’s been a monster forever and has simply spent the last four years under the glare of the White House spotlight. Yet his enablers will continue enabling until the bitter end—may it come sooner rather than later.

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  1. Oh, I think he absolutely has called this on the money… the ass he’s burnt to the ground, is the one residing in his very own tighty-whiteys.

    Doesn’t mean in committing this stunning act of self immolation, he didn’t get a lot of others screwed even worse than himself, but the idiot gun fodder doesn’t count in his ledger anyway, right?

    No, he’s gone from lame duck, to dead duck. Attempts at self pardon will now be seen for what they are… attempts at dodging the consequences of criminality. His authority over the military is all but gone. His escape routes evaporate by the minute, and his pitiful attempt at a coup has fallen flat on its face.

    Trump is staring into the abyss… and the black is all that’s staring right back.

    • His only way out is for him to step down and Pence pardon him. Pence would save face with the trump base and maybe salvage his own career. Does he have the balls to do the right thing and NOT pardon the loser?

      • It won’t take courage, Trump has already made an enemy of Pence, and now Trump is the enemy of his own base having turned on them to save his own orange ass. Of course, Pence was on a hit-list to be assassinated by a group of the folks who broke into Congress, so he hasn’t got much to lose at this point.

        He may want to get a little pay back for the abuse he’s endured, and who knows, this may be the only chance he ever get’s to be President, even if its only for a week and a half.

    • Well, said Marie. I especially liked your last remark of staring into the abyss.
      However, He’ll just stand there staring, claiming the victim as he has his whole miserable life until someone bails him out.
      Someone is going to have to push him in and hold him and his ilk accountable. It won’t be the Republicans, that’s for sure. So it’s up to Democrats to do it.

      Will they? I have my doubts. They’re already talking about “moving on” and “kumbaya”. Let’s get back to normal. Fighting the pandemic is more important. Let’s not upset the Trumpers.

      Problem is Democrats just don’t get what we are up against.

      Republicans (politicians and followers) have stated they want “battle” and their followers are willing to “kill” and “die” for him. This is a Religious/Political war for them. There is nothing more dangerous.

      Unless Trump and his enablers are held accountable, you can expect much more of the same from now till 2024 and beyond.

      Do the Dems have the balls to hold Trump accountable? If they don’t I’m switching from the Democratic party to the Republicans. They’d have no problem throwing your ass in jail and throwing away the keys, make a profit out of it, to boot.

  2. This “DOTARD” Trump was born with a genetic mental disability. You can’t repair crazy. Jail time next for an assortment of crimes.

  3. A Swiss-American friend pointed out that if the 25th Amendment is invoked, Pense takes over and can then pardon Trump……..


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