Trump released a letter condemning McConnell in the harshest possible terms

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On Tuesday, former President Trump emerged from his self-imposed exile to release a blistering letter slamming Minority Leader Mitch McConnell for his poor leadership skills and accusing him of losing the Senate in the 2020 election. Since Trump has been deplatformed from social media including Twitter, his favorite means of communicating with his supporters and the world, the statement was issued by his new PAC, Save America.

You can read it here.

His aides say that Trump wrote the 600 word screed himself, but it is far too coherent and too lengthy (Trump has the attention span of a fruit fly) to have been written by someone who is barely literate. My opinion is that Jason Miller, one of his top aides wrote it with input from Trump.

It contains enough Trumpian insults that it reads like one of Trump’s barely coherent rants that has been written down and translated into comprehensible form while not losing the essence of the Trump attack style.

What set Trump off was an op-ed that McConnell published in the Wall Street Journal. In it, McConnell defended his actions in voting against conviction and then giving a speech afterwards condemning Trump’s actions in inciting the insurrection. He emphatically pointed out that Trump was responsible for insurrection and although he may have been acquitted of impeachment, he was still subject to criminal proceedings.

In a separate interview in the WSJ, McConnell indicated that he would be willing to get involved in the primaries in 2022 to ensure that the candidates chosen would not be too radical to be elected. His stated aim is to win back the Senate in the midterms.

Both the op-ed and the interview were guaranteed to set Trump off. Trump sees himself as the leader of the Republican Party and as the sole person who will determine which Republican candidates will run in the 2022 midterms, all of whom should be Trump supporters.

The battle lines have been drawn. Who will win? The fascist dictator wannabe or the master tactician? The Insulter in Chief or the Machiavellian pol?

My money is on McConnell. Much as I dislike him and his politics, I admire his strategic abilities. As I’ve said before, McConnell always has a plan and he is always thinking 3 or 4 moves ahead. His speech, op-ed and interview are just his opening salvos in his effort to purge Trump and Trumpism from the Republican Party, something that he has been talking about in private, and winning back the Senate.

While McConnell is quiet and keeps his thoughts to himself, Trump is loud and brash. He is heavily invested in the trappings of success. The outward show is just as important to him as any actual success. That’s why his penthouse apartment in Trump Tower is gilded in a gaudy imitation of Versailles, proof of his (self-reported) immense fortune.

And it is why he is desperately hanging on to the presidency, even in defeat. Take a close look at the stationery that he is using. Does the seal look familiar? It should. It is a knockoff of the presidential seal.

He did the same thing when he bought Mar-a-Lago. He appropriated the coat of arms, with slight changes, of the husband of the former owner, Marjorie Merriweather Post, for his own. He uses the stolen coat of arms not just at Mar-a-Lago, but also at his golf courses worldwide.

New York Times columnist, Gail Collins, reports that Trump insists on being called “the 45th president” instead of “the former president.” He just can’t let go of the power and prestige of the presidency. Although he’s probably happy to no longer have to work so hard. All of that “executive time” must have been exhausting.

Midterm elections are always hard fought between the party in power and the party that wants to be in power. In 2022, we will have the added wrinkle of the Republican Party at war with itself as well as the Democrats.

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