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The anti-Trump sentiments at John McCain’s funeral must’ve really stuck with President Man Baby, because he agreed to attend George H.W. Bush’s funeral after the family reached out this past summer to say they would be nice to him when GHWB passed away. From The Washington Post:

The family of former president George H.W. Bush has planned a state funeral that will steer clear of the kind of anti-Trump sentiment evident at the recent funeral of Sen. John McCain, according to people familiar with the funeral planning.

The Bush family contacted the White House this past summer to say that President Trump would be welcome at the funeral, scheduled Wednesday at Washington National Cathedral, and to assure him that the focus would be on Bush’s life rather than their disagreements, one former administration official said.

Pathetic that the most powerful man in the world (behind Vladmir Putin) had to have such reassurances. And the Los Angeles Times reports Trump is on his best behavior because he got the invite, unlike that meany McCain.

Trump’s allies say he is likely to be on his best behavior during the tributes to Bush, however, in gratitude that he was at least invited to the funeral.

“That’s all he ever wanted from the McCain family as well,” said Michael Caputo, a former political advisor, “and the McCain family did not feel the need or the desire to simply respect the office.”


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  1. It’s hard to respect the office with an impostor president criminal embarrassing the office domestically & abroad on a daily basis. He couldn’t even be bothered to go to Arlington with a wreath on frickin Veteran’s Day. His life is the antipathy of the public servants we do respect. Remember when past Presidents bragged about grabbing women by their lady bits? Yeah, I don’t remember that either. If you live decently & respectfully, you command respect, you don’t demand it.

  2. Tramp is an aberration in the office of President. I hope history will judge him as that. When he dies I would like to see him buried at sea right next to osama bin laden. I don’t want the American soil polluted with his decaying carcass. Just sayin …

  3. He certainly can dish it out to people but he can’t take any bad said about him. He is such an insecure human being. I don’t know why people don’t ignore his feelings. He certainly does not care about anyone else’s feelings. Disgusting human being.


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