Trump golfs while protesters shout “130K Dead. Bounty on our soldiers’ heads!”

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Trump is supposed to be at a South Dakota (thoughts & prayers) Rally this evening, but according to Kadia Goba, Trump was sighted by the Press Pool cameras golfing close to noon at his favorite local bunker in Sterling VA.

POTUS is golfing.

He’s wearing a white polo shirt, red cap, dark pants, and a white glove on his left hand, as seen on the pool camera. He’s driving his own golf cart.

It’s unclear who POTUS is with on the golf course but your pooler has asked for more details.

Trump arrived at the golf course at 9:52 a.m. where he was met by a lone protester holding a “Trump is a Traitor” sign. By the time Trump and his motorcade left, the group had grown to just over a dozen, with protesters on both sides of the street and up the block.

Protesters shouted to cars, golf carts, pedestrians and bikers as they passed:

130 thousand dead. Bounties on our soldiers’ heads! 


Lock him up!

LCSO helps a protester move a sign to a different location across from Trump golf course
Good people from both sides help with signs at Trump Golf Course

Across the street, a large banner read “Putin’s Apprentice”.

Secret Service spoke with protesters earlier advising them not to put banners on golf course property. Loudoun County Sheriffs also were on-site. Later, they spoke with some of the protesters after saying they had received complaints from HOA residents claiming people were putting signs up in their back yard. Some of the complaints also included reporting a UPS delivery man as acting suspiciously. He was delayed from making his deliveries to the golf course. So he joined protesters in the shade and filmed the motorcade exit before asking officials if he could now make his deliveries.

The number of protesters was dwarfed by the personnel and vehicles. Secret service came out a number of times to speak with protesters, but the conversations were the typical back-and-forth between the two groups.

Keep in mind, protesters have been doing this since the very beginning of Trump’s presidency. It’s become as much a ritual for them as it is for Trump and his entourage. Both sides are familiar with the rules of the game.

Today, the routine was a little different. Usually, a police vehicle blocks off traffic while a small force keeps an eye on the crowds on the sidewalks. Today, after a few secret service men walked down to the protesters, two black SUVs left slightly ahead of the rest of the group. Some in the crowd thought they saw someone in a red-hat and white-polo in one of the vehicles. No police vehicle was set up to block traffic. As a result, there were several vehicles trying to turn into the golf course during the motorcade exit. The Press Pool also broke into the motorcade rather than joining in at the end.

Several people have remarked about the size of the motorcade. It is indeed a rather long procession, but it’s a habit Trump started soon after his inauguration. Passersby often wonder how much all that is costing the tax-payer. The golf carts alone cost $45K at this golf course, which is a steal. The ones in Bedminster, NJ cost $179K. And that’s just for the carts.

Keep in mind too that this is just a prelude to Trump’s South Dakota trip later today to shoot off his mouth and fire up a crowd protesting social distancing and wearing masks.

So How much is Trump really costing America?

And how much is Putin paying while Trump remains silent?

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Is that a police officer holding up one side of the “Putin’s Apprentice” sign?

Robert Burnett
Robert Burnett

Fck Trump! I pray to the Lord everyday to deliver us from this fruit cake and send him back to hell.

Robert Burnett
Robert Burnett

My God yes we have to give the moderators something to do. Even we could never out do Trump.

Didi Magnin
Didi Magnin

At least 21 cars!