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After completing his whirlwind transition from John McCain bestie to Donald Trump acolyte, Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina is set to assume one of the most important positions related to Trump’s survival: Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee. The panel’s current chair, Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley, will be assuming chairmanship of the Senate Finance Committee.

Graham’s new post will give him a key role in deciding how the Senate Judiciary oversees the special counsel’s investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election. He has reportedly already met with Trump’s new Acting Attorney General, Matthew Whitaker, and apparently left satisfied that the Mueller investigation wouldn’t be impeded.

“As to [the] Mueller investigation, I’m confident that it is not in jeopardy,” Graham said after the meeting, according to The Hill.

Of course, Graham could ensure the longevity of Mueller’s investigation by pushing to pass the Mueller protection bill he co-sponsored and shepherded through the Judiciary Committee earlier this year. But he’s declined to do that even as retiring GOP Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona digs in his heels in support of the measure by vowing to block Trump’s judicial nominees in committee until the bill gets a floor vote.

One thing Graham does plan to do is recreate the GOP House’s Devin Nunes strategy in the Senate by working to sully the FBI’s investigation into Trump-Russia and Hillary’s emails.

“Totally,” the South Carolina Republican told CNN when asked if he would look into the FBI’s handling of those probes. “The oversight function will be very much front and center.”

The erstwhile McCain-aligned Graham is now marching in lock step with Trump. Elections have consequences and Graham’s 2020 re-election is just around the corner.

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