Trump goes to Wisconsin today behind 11 points: It’s not 2016, rather it’s more like 1992


Nine new polls find Trump consistently behind in polling. Trump is going to Wisconsin after Pence spoke to evangelical groups there yesterday.

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump makes his second trip this week to a crucial battleground state, traveling Thursday to Wisconsin as polls show him losing ground to former Vice President Joe Biden in this fall’s election.


Trump also will stop in Green Bay, where he is scheduled to tape a town hall meeting with Fox News host Sean Hannity.…

MARINETTE — The city had good reason to celebrate this week, even in the face of all the bad news circulating about the coronavirus pandemic, after learning that Fincantieri Marinette Marine was awarded a $5.5 billion Navy contract.

The U.S. Navy announced Thursday it had awarded Fincantieri Marinette Marine a contract to build the service’s first new frigate and options for up to nine more, a deal that will keep the company’s shipbuilders working for the next two decades and lead to the hiring of about 1,000 new workers.

“Something positive for a change,” Marinette Mayor Steve Genisot said of the news. “Not a day goes by that we don’t talk about the pandemic and how to get these businesses back on track and open again.”…

Two new polls show him trailing badly here. The Marquette University Law poll (considered the state’s most reliable poll) has him down by 8 points to Joe Biden. The NYT/ Siena poll has him trailing by 11 points. (The poll also shows Trump trailing in other key battleground states.)

Marquette’s poll is filled with ominous numbers for Trump:

  • 30 percent approve of his handling of the protests over the police murder of George Floyd, 58 percent disapprove.
  • 44 percent give him high marks for his handling of the coronavirus (which has been relatively contained here), 52 percent disapprove.
  • Just 39 percent of Wisconsin voters think that Trump cares about people like them.

But here are the really scary numbers for the president: he’s slipping among Republicans and getting hammered among independents.

  • In May, Trump led Biden among Republicans 93 percent to 1 percent. In June, his lead over Biden was 83 percent to 8 percent among Republicans.
  • Independents had preferred Trump over Biden in May by 34 percent to 27 percent. That preference reversed in June, with Biden supported by 38 percent to Trump’s 30 percent.
  • Similar shifts, since May, Trump’s job approval… slipped among Republicans and reversed among independents. In May, 50 percent of independents said that they approved of Trump’s job performance and 36 percent disapproved. In June, that shifted to 36 percent approval and 57 percent disapproval.

There are also warning signs from the suburbs, including the crucial WOW counties that have been the engine for the state’s GOP resurgence. Not surprisingly, Biden has a big lead in heavily Democratic Milwaukee. But in the rest of the Milwaukee area Trump leads by just 7 points.…
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3 Comments on "Trump goes to Wisconsin today behind 11 points: It’s not 2016, rather it’s more like 1992"

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David T Pike
David T Pike

Sconnies are tired of his BS! Don’t look for help there!

Dick Panico
Dick Panico

All Biden has to do is “ nothing “ just
don’t “ if you see K “ it up .
Trump is on his “self destruction “ journey
, don’t interfere with him .
He’s been (pumped full of meds )
to keep him going !
His base is “mostly trash “, non producers
reprobate’s and the disenchanted .
Observe them carefully, do you REALLY want
them to run our country ?
Don’t throw them a life preserver!
Let him “suffocate in his trash “ !


There isn’t a day that goes by they’re not discussing how to get their businesses back on track. Too bad they don’t discuss how to keep their citizens from dying. That’s a topic I’d be interested in. With no pandemic control there will be no profitable businesses. All these months. All these deaths. They still don’t understand that if we don’t get our public health problem under control we will not be able to get the economy back on track. We are not going out to dinner or anywhere else with the pandemic raging. Doesn’t seem that complicated to me.