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When the going gets tough the tough go golfing. Whether America is literally exploding is of no import. Priorities are priorities and Donald Trump puts his golf game above all the trivia and annoyance of governance. I mean, the bomb in Nashville went off at 7:30 a,m. don’t these terrorists have any consideration?

And you might think that Trump would have at least commented on what is being reported as a terrorist attack on American soil, but instead he came up with the usual self serving whine.

Maybe one of his calls should have been to Kevin McCarthy who stonewalled passage of the bill and then left town. Nancy Pelosi is holding an on record vote with a roll call of House members on Monday. Maybe GOPers won’t show up in order to save face?

Monday is going to be one hell of a day, and it’s also likely to be the day to vote on a stop-gap measure to at avert the government shutdown which will occur if Trump doesn’t sign the omnibus bill. This measure would keep the government up and running until Joe Biden takes office. And lawmakers are expected to override Trump’s veto of the defense bill as well.

Two ways Trump will spin this: 1. He’ll incorporate it into a conspiracy theory, featuring RINOs, the Deep State, and the bottom line will be, “if you had elected me you could have had two grand.” 2. The use of the words “our people” indicates that he’s going to make this a tribal issue. Somehow Joe Biden blew this all up, not even having taken office yet, and that will be tied to the stolen election conspiracy theory.

Or there may be some other variation of this basic theme. All I know is this: Trump will always spin conspiracy theory and he’ll always figure out a way to make the rubes send him money. On that you may depend. That is the Trump brand in a nutshell.


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  1. Oh, they will have a truckload of bulls!!t and lies. And it’s all the Democrats fault. They need to keep going. Their party is falling apart at the seams.

  2. Even his golf score left him , it is soaring, another loser in golf. This demented animal is losing everything, soon his wife, his kids, his money, his so called con friends, and his debunked fame. Jail time would definitely change his out look, low life is his new personality.


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