Trump goes ‘nuts’ after learning Schiff is hiring former national security council officials

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Now we know why Donald Trump accused Democrats of “stealing people who work at White House” in his latest early morning rant. House Intelligence Committee chair Adam Schiff is reportedly hiring former career officials with the national security council to work on his committee.

Bloomberg reports that one of those former career officials, Abigail Grace, left the White House last year. Another career national security official who had worked in Trump’s White House is also weighing taking a position with the House Intelligence Committee. A committee aide told Bloomberg that neither of the former officials were hired directly out of the White House.

Nonetheless, White House aides are convinced something nefarious is at play, accusing Schiff trying to get back-door information about Trump and his White House. When asked about what Trump meant when he charged that Democrats were “stealing” people, a White House aides told CNN “ask Adam Schiff what that means.” Touchy, touchy.

Reporters apparently did ask Schiff, who responded: “If the president is worried about our hiring any former administration people, maybe he should work on being a better employer.” Good point. Seems like there’s more than a few disillusioned former public servants out there who are ripe for the picking.

Anyway, we can expect a lot more Trump outbursts in the coming months. Trump invents imaginary enemies even when they don’t exist because he needs them in order to feel relevant. Just imagine how much worse that’s going to get now that Democrats are truly investigating him.

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