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Saturday Night Live / YouTube

We expected Trump would be, shall we say, uncomfortable after Alec Baldwin epically sent up his word salad-y press conference on Friday announcing his fake national emergency. In case you missed it last night, watch here.

But none of us expected this unhinged response earlier this morning.

I had to read this twice to believe it. The president of the United States has called for “retribution” against a media outlet for daring to criticize him.

Let there be no mistake about it—Trump has announced in capital letters that he does not believe in the First Amendment. This tweet is the act of a dictator. Imagine if a Democratic president tweeted this about Fox or Newsmax. It would be dangerous and wrong then, just like what 45 said today was wrong and dangerous.

I have not, and will not, have any respect for Trump. I don’t give him the dignity of calling him “Mr. President” because he doesn’t deserve it. Tweets like this are why.

It cannot be stated enough—this tweet is the act and sentiment of a wannabe dictator.

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  1. If we in the REAL world, do not vote this freaking moronic criminal out of office the very first chance we get, then we deserve whatever happens, there’s no excuse anymore.

  2. This man has none of the attributes of a descent and respectable human being and he is president. What does that say about those who still support him……sad.

  3. Donald J Trump watches SNL.. That in itself speaks more about the ‘paranoia in chief ‘ than anything else. This narcissistic moran needs to reply to a skit comedy ?..

  4. You know when you’re growing up, and your mother might say, “ I don’t like you hanging out with those friends” – and she notices that you dress and talk a different way. You start to sound like the friends?

    Yeah. As with his funny use of the term ‘rat’ the idea that critics and comics deserve ‘retribution’ comes only from a certain circle of friends Donny’s been getting an earful from. Mirroring.

  5. You actions Don the Con are despicable. You don’t act like a grown man but a little boy. It is getting more ridiculous with this nut job. Get this person out of office ASAP. He does not deserve to be called the President. He is our fake or illegal president.


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