Trump Gives Cell Phone Number Out, Aides Going Nuts

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If I told you that the leader of a major country gives out his cell phone number to other world leaders (and other CEOs, for all we know) and then has “summit” calls with these other leaders, with no record of the call at all, would you even need to ask which country is burdened by such a moronic “leader”?

Of course not. What you would ask is why an adult has not taken the phone away from him for good. That, would be an excellent question. It is a question I am positive Trump’s aides are asking, because according to the Washington Post, even the president’s closest aides didn’t know.

From the Washington Post.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau officials released documents detailing an April 2017 conversation with President Trump that his aides were unaware of, “We had no idea what happened,” a senior White House official told The Post.

According to The Post the two world leaders talked about “the dairy trade” and “discussed lumber coming into the United States.” White House officials also had to rely on President Trump’s “memory” for details surrounding the call.

“It was a very amicable call,” the public statement said.

There are not a lot of good reasons to be hanging out in courtrooms, but if you ever have, you’d note that there is a person  there taking down every word. They are called “court reporters,” and for whatever reason, court reporters are just near universally some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. Anyway, their job consists of ensuring that each word said in court is accurately reported, because each word could have grave legal consequences. And, because we humans just don’t have all that great a memory for things.

That is precisely why every president prior to Donald Dump, I mean Trump, would have other people on the line when calling foreign leaders, and would surely tape the phone call because, as you well know, when a president speaks, she does so for a nation, and there can be grave legal consequences that impact people’s lives.

As stupid as this story is, I think it actually matters, Trump doesn’t “get” that it is a big deal, because to him, everything has always been personal. That’s why he can’t even laugh at himself, it’s all personal. So, why wouldn’t he give out his phone number to leaders from other nations, so they can have a chat at any point? After all, it’s just personal stuff he’s discussing? Right?

We can take a little comfort from a couple things. His aides were never in trouble of not having a record of the call. Had they really needed to know exactly what was said, the Canadians likely would gladly have shared THEIR tape (since Trudeau certainly knows to record his calls to other leaders). Canadians are famously polite. But also, Trump or his aides, could simply have made a request to Robert Mueller, who also likely has a recording of every phone call Trump has made on his phone.

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