Trump gets $2.9 million payday earlier this month from mysterious real estate buyer

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Well, here’s another thing for House Democrats to scrutinize: Donald Trump sold a $2.9 million Manhattan condo earlier this month to a mystery buyer for a premium price.

Forbes reports that public documents show the condo went to an entity called Koctagon LLC, with a listed address that is a New York City condo on 45th Street, which may be owned by a person named Xiu Qong Li. City records show that particular condo is owned by Smile Caribbean LLC, which until last year had an address at a property in Queens that was also partly owned by one Xiu Qong Li.

Adding to the intrigue, the purchaser paid $3,069 per square foot for the condo at Trump Parc East, more than anyone has paid for a unit there since 2016. In fact, Trump went through a dry spell of nearly two years in sales of Manhattan condos that finally ended in January with the sale of another top-dollar unit in the same building.

So who’s paying premium prices for Trump real estate that no one else seems to want? It’s hard to know, but Trump—and the Trump Organization he still owns—are surely happy about it. If Trump had actually divested ownership of his company, perhaps it wouldn’t raise such obvious questions around corruption and quid pro quos. But he didn’t, which makes every new transaction landing him millions of dollars especially suspicious.

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It’s to pay his NYS fine for his charitable foundation scam. Who bought it?