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It isn’t surprising that President Trump wasn’t going to fulfill his promise of donating $1 million to charity if Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) provided DNA evidence that she has Native American ancestry. Even after releasing the documentation, Sen. Warren got in on the fun of this absurd situation with some light trolling.

It’s a shame the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center won’t see a dime from The Donald; it’d be nice to see him actually spend money for a good cause. It’s still pretty shocking that Trump decided to lie and pretend that he never made the promise in the first place.The Washington Post reports:

Standing on a soggy White House lawn Monday, Trump denied he had ever made the promise.

“Who cares?” he told reporters, when asked if he had heard about Warren releasing the results of her DNA test.

Another reporter brought up his promise of a $1 million charity donation.

“I didn’t say that,” Trump said. “Nah, you’d better read it again.”

Trump made the offer publicly. Thousands of people saw it live. Millions have probably seen it now because it was taped. Yet Trump feels comfortable enough to just completely deny that he said it.

This is gaslighting, plain and simple. And it’s dangerous how comfortable our political leadership—especially Republicans—has become with it. They’re trying to override reality.

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  1. I think trump created a contract and ms. Warren forfilled her end. Trump owes the money. In a court of law he’d be had pressed to deny his offer and her acceptance


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