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Bharara is right.  tRUmp’s Keystone lawyers are tripping over their pieces playing checkers while Mueller plays eleventy-dimensional chess. 

#The Buzzfeed story is a good source.

But consider this:

As we now know, Mueller didn’t make a choice between politely asking the tRUmp gang for the transitional team emails and politely asking the General Services Administration (GSA)—which had already been told by the FBI to preserve them all for investigative purposes—for same.

Instead, he made polite requests to both

Why would he do that?

Because he knew tRUmp gang would redact some of the emails, citing attorney-client privilege, presidential privilege, white privilege or whatever b.s. they could think up for “don’t let him catch us colluding with Russia”—whereas GSA would give him the full set. 

Thus he could learn which emails tRUmp gang redacted. Saves the trouble of searching through the entire 10,000 emails to find the key evidence.

This might explain a little something I noticed on the letterhead of the infamous letter:


Guess this is the crisis-management law firm that Jared just hired.  If so, now we know what the crisis is.

More of what might be in those emails:

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Why they’re sending a letter to Congress rather than going to court:

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Yet another way in which the letter is bulloney:

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