Trump Furious to Hear Mueller Using Trump’s Own Tweets Against Him

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As you well know, I do not begin each day by simply posting Trump’s ridiculous tweets of the morning. But, when he does tweet something so stupid that it looks self-incriminating, it’s not only fair game, it must be analyzed. Robert Mueller agrees with me.

This morning we awoke to the tweets below. While we gaze in wonder at the inexplicable, keep it in context. This is the morning after we believe someone in the Trump camp released the news that Cohen would offer to testify that Trump knew of the June 2016 Trump Tower meetings with the KGB-linked lawyer ahead of time. I would look back at Trump’s tweets at whatever date that might have occurred, because it is sure upsetting Trump:

To be fair to Donald, I can assure him that Mueller has been looking at his Tweets the entire time. I near guarantee they have one of those great computer programs where they can hover the cursor any date and get a list of all the “evidence” they have that relates to that date, as well as Trump’s location, the location of other principles, and everything that Trump might have said, texted, phoned, spoke about or tweeted that day. It is because it all could go to state of mind, and the prosecution might be able to bolster their case by making connections between certain types of activities behind the scenes, resulting in certain tweets to “53 million.”

Of course Mueller is going to analyze your tweets, you twit, because some of them might be considered “admissions” about various topics, which is some of the most powerful evidence that exists. Or, as put by Rawstory

As defense attorney Ken White writes on Twitter, Mueller and his team aren’t trying to make Trump’s tweets a crime, per se — rather, they might use them to piece together a mosaic, combined with other evidence, to determine the true motivations behind the president’s actions.

“A thing that is not a crime can be EVIDENCE of a crime,” writes White. “This is particularly true when it comes to a potential defendant’s mental state — what they knew and when they knew it, what they intended, and so forth.”

Right, which is why they will have that computer program ready to go, one that gleans out every little bit of information associated with that particular day. As reactionary as Trump has always been, we can be sure that when Trump learned bad things (or anything from Russia), he would be on Twitter shouting it to the world in hours.

But, leave it to our dullard dotard to believe it to be “unfair” (or something) to use his tweets against him, that is truly a special kind of whine.



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John Riley
John Riley

It’s “principals,” not “principles” (“the location of other principles”). You indicate a lack of command of the English language (putting you in the same league as Frump).

Mick owens
Mick owens

An American commenting on the use of the English!!..

Robert Burnett
Robert Burnett

Every day that Trump is furious makes me happy.