Trump forces Russia to take Syria, because they’ll just hate that!

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On Wednesday, Donald Trump defied facts, reason, and the advice of the military by announcing that ISIS was defeated and he was withdrawing all American troops from Syria.

But in the face of widespread criticism that not only has ISIS not been defeated, but that withdrawing from Syria would be tantamount to handing the country over to Russia and abandoning local groups that have allied with the US, Trump was back on Thursday morning with an answer.

So, it’s not that ISIS was defeated. Nope. Trump has a vastly deeper plan than that. He’s going to leave the world to Russia and ISIS, let them do the fighting however they want. Meanwhile, the US will hide behind walls and our massive military. Why, it’s as if, while everyone else was only playing chess, Donald Trump was playing tic-tac-toe all along. Two dimensional tic-tac-toe!

Next up: General Mattis, out! General Maginot, In!

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Markm Mitchell
Markm Mitchell

Good article.