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Ugh. We’re all dead.  I suppose it’s fitting that the last adult in the room is being forced out early because the pr*sident is being a baby. Trump has determined his brittle ego is more important than the fate of the free world, so the last man with any integrity or common sense in his administration can’t be allowed to stick around and befoul the West Wing any longer.

From The Washington Post:

President Trump, who aides said has been frustrated by news coverage of Defense Secretary Jim Mattis’s scathing resignation letter, abruptly announced Sunday that he was removing Mattis two months before his planned departure and installing Patrick Shanahan as acting defense secretary.

Shanahan, a former Boeing executive who has been Mattis’s deputy at the Pentagon, will assume the top job on an acting capacity beginning Jan. 1, Trump said.

Mattis resigned in protest last week after Trump announced the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria — a move that Mattis and others on the national security team strongly counseled the president against.

It’s nothing but supervillains from this point forward.

Enjoy that.

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  1. Those super villains are so tricky. I have a feeling that between the two super villains of our country & in Russia, it might be pretty easy to destabilize our entire military. How? Keep doing test runs like have the military busy building some kind of wall thingy or setting them up to be killed in strange foreign war theaters. Without a military to protect us, the wall will easily enclose us, the real, birthright Americans.

    Then, we will be trapped within & w no escape. We will become the ones that they turn their bloodlust on. The concentration camps are a snap to install. After all that’s taken care of, all they have to do is clean up the mess of death.

    Then, the stage is set to install all Russians in our military & police forces, everywhere in the remnants of our country. Those foreigners will rename it: the new United States of Soviet Russia (USSR^2).

    Is this possible? Please help me see the future better. I wrote a lot more but decided to leave it out for brevity. I w look for your thoughts. Bye


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