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Medill DC, cropped / Flickr

Apparently Robert Mueller is more than just a spectacularly qualified candidate to take Trump behind the woodshed. He’s also a survivor, and he’s flexing some of those muscles right about now.

Everybody is starting to sweat bullets about the possibility of Trump trying to fire Mueller if the heat gets too high on this Trump-Russia thing. This would be a risky move, since it might force the GOP dominated congress to pass a Special Prosecutor law and bring Mueller back, or else face the wrath of an increasingly educated and motivated electorate.

But, Mueller is feathering his nest. NBC news is reporting that they found something odd in Mueller’s plea agreement with Michael Flynn. Not only will Flynn cooperate with the federal investigators, and testify in federal court if necessary, but he also agreed to cooperate with applicable state and local authorities, as well as testifying in state court cases if necessary.

Mueller has thrown a gauntlet to Trump. “Go ahead and fire me Herr Twitler, and I’ll just turn over alllll of this juicy shit to the New York Attorney General. You can’t pardon yourself, or your idiot monkey spawn out of state convictions.” And what state Attorney General wouldn’t love to have the entire investigative efforts of the FBI to use in a state court case, including a star witness handed to them in a pretty pink wrapper?

Trump is the one who is used to forcing compliance with his wishes by threat. Now, it’s time to see just how big his balls are when somebody who can actually push back calls him out. And if Trump pushes back, he could be condemning his son and son-in-law, and even his daughter to criminal charges. And one more thing. While it may be a question of whether a sitting President can be indicted, the case can certainly be brought before a grand jury. And if it’s timed right, the grand jury can continue to meet one witness a week or a month until Trump is no longer in office. The statues of limitations simply says that legal action must be initiated before the statute runs out, and the grand jury is legal process. The ball is in your court DonnieBoy. Watcha gonna do?

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