Trump Finally Got What He Wanted. Except It Wasn’t What He Wanted.

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Trump has one small problem. His mentality is stuck in the 80’s when the world was his oyster. Here’s an example. Referring to white suburban women as housewives is not the way to endear himself to them, as they have said out loud in interviews. Neither is telling them that their already largely integrated suburbs will be overrun with brown and black people if they don’t elect Trump to keep them safe.

But that’s just how his old ass rolls. And now he’s apparently paying a political price for it. Since the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police, and fueled by the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Trump has grabbed onto the lifeline of the extended protests, but especially the largely outside agitator fueled sporadic violence sprinkled into peaceful protests to brandish himself as the law and order candidate. Sure, if your vision of law and order is Bull Conner in ’50’s Alabama.

Here’s how it works. Trump still has wet dreams of flipping Minnesota, a state he narrowly lost in 2016 to Clinton. Somehow tie Biden to the violence in Minneapolis, and offer yourself as the salvation they’ve been looking for. Trump pretty much must hold Wisconsin to get reelected. Do the same thing with the violence in Kenosha, and ride the white backlash to reelection.

But it’s not working. After spending his whole damn convention preaching the law and order mantra, laser focused on Minnesota and Wisconsin, the latest polling shows that Trump is still -9 in Minnesota, and -5 in Wisconsin. He hasn’t moved the needle one iota.

But the news just got worse for Trump. A new poll today showed that all of Trump’s bluff and bluster has had its intended effect. The poll shows that 65% of Americans list law and order as a critical issue. And yet when asked who would be the better candidate to handle law and order, the polling went 52-48 for Biden! How can this be possible, that Trump can be the law and order tough guy, but people trust the Milquetoast Biden more with the job of administrating it?

Because Trump is vapor locked mentally in the 1980’s. In Trump’s mind, going all the way back to law and order Richard Nixon, law and order has traditionally meant fucking over minorities. And that’s exactly how Trump presents his brand of law and order. But what Trump doesn’t realize is that while support for the BLM movement may have softened slightly in the after effects of the sporadic violence in Kenosha, the paradigm has shifted.

New York Timers opinion writer Mara Gay put it perfectly today, when she said that what has happened is that the concepof law and order has changed. People still know full well what law and order is, and they want it. But after witnessing the horrors of the Floyd and Blake videos, as well as watching their own children and grandchildren taking to the streets to protest it, they want their law and order without the casual violence to minorities that it so often entails. And Trump’s own words on the subject are driving them to Biden.

I have never seen such a pathetically mismanaged campaign in my life. Trump is poised to be the first GOP President in at least a generation to lose the active duty military vote.  Trump desperately needs to woo back suburban white women that he lost in 2018, and yet every word that comes out of his mouth simply reaffirms why they left him in the first place. And now, he takes a campaign issue that has been a standard GOP talking point since Nixon, and whiffs yet again. Yes folks, as it says in the old poem, Mighty Casey has struck out. 

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>” In Trump’s mind, going all the way back to law and order Richard Nixon, law and order has traditionally meant f*#king over minorities.”<


And, BTW there 𝙞𝙨 a “subset” of white suburban women who probably refer to 𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙢𝙨𝙚𝙡𝙫𝙚𝙨 as ‘housewives’—female MAGAts.


You would think, all Biden needs to say is, “ask yourself, are we all better off now than 4 years ago” ?

Norm Reyome
Norm Reyome

Makeup, elevated heels, hairspray for hours, unsteady on ramps and stairs (needs to hold on to a big strong man), TP stuck to shoe, afraid of rain, fatty food eating, overweight…..Yeah he’s all man….And I guess so’s my grammie….