Trump fails to go to Pyongyang, but is happy making people cry at the border

Gilalo Com / Flickr Donald Trump Calls Kim Jong Un...
Gilalo Com / Flickr

Comical foreign policy continues as Trump visits the Korean DMZ, and touting that border as a “real border” with mines and troops with reference to the US southern border. Trump often compares the US-Mexico border with DMZ between Koreas.

But the real story is Stephanie Grisham needing blocking advice from former acting AG Matt Whitaker, as she thought she could push DPRK security around.

It’s a standard campaign rally riff for Trump to talk about people crying. He likes to make people cry.

The fake North Korean border town

Slightly within the DMZ between North and South Korea, there’s a little North Korean settlement known as Kijŏngdong–or as the South Koreans like to call it, “Propaganda Village.”

The North Koreans claim that 200 families call the “city” home, and that it includes a childcare center, kindergarten, primary and secondary schools, and a hospital. But through an ironic plot twist in the ideological war between the two Koreas, although no visitors are allowed, Kijŏngdong is the only place in North Korea that can be seen from anywhere across the border–which means that the South Koreans can see that the city is completely deserted all of the time. The buildings also don’t have any windows or subdivided rooms, and the biggest event of the day occurs when some lights flicker on and off at set times to create the illusion of people living there.…

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