former Trump campaign aide is requesting that President Donald Trump set up a legal fund to help associates ensnared in the federal probe into Trump campaign contacts with Russia.

The ex-staff member, who told CNN he is racking up legal fees after hiring an attorney in order to respond to questions from federal investigators, also said he was never paid for his work for the campaign. 
“In many ways, the Trump associates are the real victims here,” the ex-staffer said.
    “The world (is) going after them and Trump (is) leaving them abandoned on the battlefield,” he added. “Yet many lives will be ruined in the process.”
    Other former campaign officials said it was difficult to estimate how many staff members have been in contact with federal investigators.
    “My heart aches,” one former campaign official said of ex-staffers who might be caught up in the Russia investigation.
    “At a minimum, political careers dead and damaged ability to work in DC,” the ex-staffer said.
    Poor babies! You signed up to work for a man known for ruining lives, and now he is ruining your life! What a surprise! And you are the real victims here, suffering much more than Muslims, immigrants, women, LGBTQ people, all people Trump is killing with his reckless military actions, giving away state secrets, and policies that hurt the poor and the environment and encourage terrorism, etc.

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