Screencapture, CNN / YouTube trump on Las Vegas Puerto Rico...
Screencapture, CNN / YouTube

Donald Trump informed reporters this morning with a dismissive wave that he would get around to gun control, “as time goes by.”

(to the tune of “As Times Goes By” from “Casablanca”)

“You must remember this, Trump lives in an abyss,

he’s got no ear or eye,

the truths of life just simply dumbfound him,

Trump lives on lies.

And when the issues clash,

Trump’s always on his ass,

He might as well be high

No matter what John Kelly tries,

Trump lives on lies.

Nazis and Klansmen, Trump brought up to date,

Wingnuts of all stripes, choking every state,

More guns than roses, knives on every plate,

When Trump tweets we all cry.

Trump’s admin is dyslexic,

Confusing, apoplectic,

Chaos mounting to the sky,

But long as lackeys say “incredible”

Trump lives on lies.

And so the world keeps dreaming of impeachment,

Trump lives on lies.”

One piece of good news: We won’t always have Trump.

Hey, when Trump gets around to it, he’ll look at gun laws, okay?

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