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This is Gloria Copeland, and she has a job. Unlike me, people pay money to hear what she has to say, or something.

Copeland is also on Trump’s “Evangelical Executive Advisory Board.” We don’t know if she was speaking in her “official advisory capacity” when she spoke the good news of Jesus Christ. Apparently, Jesus came to save you from taxes, and the flu, so you could deer hunt in peace.

Gloria Copeland Talks About the Flu

It’s NOT flu season! Yes, you heard it right. The flu is NOT a season we have around here because Jesus bore ALL our sickness on the cross. This includes the flu! If you’re overcoming the flu right now, listen in as Gloria prays for YOU! Are you believing for a miracle in your health? Join us for Miracles on the Mountain, Feb. 16-17 with Healing Evangelist Billy Burke. Admission is FREE. Learn more and register here: #victory #overcomer #flu #flushot #fluseason

Posted by Kenneth Copeland Ministries on Wednesday, January 31, 2018

History is going to be merciless against us.

Rightly so.


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