Trump Draws Battle Lines. ‘Real Opponent’ Is ‘Corrupt’ ‘CRAZY!’ Media. Projection, much?


Donald Trump’s thumbs must be sore, he’s had such a busy Labor Day morning, dissing everybody from Paul Krugman to The Squad. And then he settled on his favorite nemesis, the media, and guess what? They’re just making things up as they go along, whereas Trump is really doing fabulously, but nobody will report the truth — or something.

Forget about pots and kettles, this is way beyond that. Trump is the one who makes stories up out of whole cloth. You recollect his extraordinary comments about how bad the Chinese economy is doing, presumably because Big Big Donald has a hand in it? He keeps changing the stats as he goes along. Either he doesn’t remember what he said the day before, or he thinks nobody will notice. Who knows?

Dale went on to fact check Trump’s recent claims that Category 5 hurricanes are something new and unusual on the meteorological landscape.

Dorian is a metaphor for Trump’s own hurricane of bullshit. He’s the one improvising off the cuff everyday, the media is just writing it all down. As ridiculous as this is, with over 12,000 lies and counting, it’s going to get a lot worse.

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